Under Deck

under deck drainage system marshall, mi


For years homeowners have been asking us to recommend a gutter system that would collect the water under decks. We have looked at several systems over the past 10 years and have not seen one that we felt comfortable in recommending. In 2003 a local manufacturer began experimenting with an aluminum carrier mounted under deck rain collector system. The product is made in Grand Rapids, MI and we are proud to add this product to our arsenal of offerings to homeowners and builders everywhere.

under deck drainage marshall, mi

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under deck drainage system marshall, mi

The space under decks, especially if you have a walkout basement, is not quite as useful as it could be if there was a solution to stop the rain from dripping through. Imagine being able to retreat under your deck while entertaining rather than having everyone trampling into your home the next time your social gathering gets interrupted with a rain shower. Having our Under Deck Oasis under deck ceiling allows you to keep the area under your deck clean and dry. It’s nice to be able to look up and see a finished ceiling and not see bird’s nests and mold stains. Having a dry place to put your hot tub is also a common reason to cover the underside of your deck. Some home owners choose to enclose the space under the deck just for additional storage place for automobiles, boats and lawn furniture. We offer free pricing and you do not even need to be home.