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Hello Spring! Time to peek into those gutters.

What does your gutter system do?

Gutter blockage prevents your gutters from doing their job of funneling rain water away from your roof, home, lawn, and driveway. While not responsible for any immediate damage, clogged gutters cause long term problems for your property.

Benefits of Clean Gutters and Screens or Covers

Prevent Roof Damage

Blocked gutters means that the wet debris stays exactly where it lands. This leads to many roof afflictions, such as roof rot, mold, and mildew, which can ultimately affect the health of the home and those who inhabit it.

Avoid Foundation Damage 

Gutters that don’t properly drain water due to blockage can also cause problems to the framework and foundation of the home or property. A common symptom of blocked gutters, especially when snow is melting, is a flooded basement. Repeated flooding or flooding that lasts for a long duration of time can cause cracks in the foundation of the building.

Protect Lawn and Prevent Bugs

Proper drainage from the gutters away from the property will keep the lawn protected from pooling of excessive rain water by your gutters. Keeping the lawn free of extra rainwater and runoff prevents pools where mosquitoes can hatch. It also helps protect the life of plants who may die from overwatering, as well as protect your lawn from fertilizer washing away.

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