About Gutters R Us

Gutters R Us has been based in Marshall, MI since our humble beginnings 13 years ago. What began as a family-powered project from underneath the hood of a garage has now grown into a family-owned business providing gutter system solutions and other home maintenance services to our community. We’ve also happily outgrown that garage and our first office and shop space. Now you can find us in our new location at 13947 W. Michigan Ave. in Marshall.

13 years later, we are still providing excellent services at affordable prices. Gutters R Us provides service to both residential and commercial customers and on all types of buildings, including homes, apartments, condos, and more.

Our services range across many areas to meet your needs. We conduct gutter installation, gutter maintenance, both gutter cleaning and repair, and much more.

Gutters R Us is continuing to grow! We are also the team behind New Horizon Property Management. At New Horizon, we help gain the envy of your neighbors and respect of your customers through various lawn care services and property management solutions. Organic lawn care, lawn service, mowing, landscaping, hardscape construction, weed and pest control, and snow removal are only some of the services offered. For more information, go to https://www.newhorizonmi.com.