Copper Gutters

A Mark Of Distinction

For a distinctive, beautiful expression of quality, choose copper! Used in the elegant past to mark the houses of those who felt themselves to be part of the elite, copper now is making a comeback. More recognition from building contractors means more use, which often means a gradually lowering cost.copper gutters marshall, mi

Copper is a material that withstands the elements well. From its initial metallic luster that stands out on your home, copper develops a patina with exposure to the elements. This special shade of green is attractive and doesn’t develop with any other metal, thus showing your exceptional taste even when its weathered. It also is a protective coating that encourages durability of your copper guttering.

Copper is also very environmentally friendly. Also, the total cost of copper gutters may be less in the long-run than gutters made from other materials. The cost of manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and recycling may add up to less than more “conventional” materials due to the durability and longevity of copper.

In the past, copper came only in pre-measured lengths, requiring soldered joints that were not attractive. Now, on-site fabrication of copper gutters allows any seams to be done facing your house so they aren’t visible, or you can use hangers that are ‘invisible’ so you don’t have to see them at all.

Even though copper gutters are more expensive then other styles, the cost is worth it in the amount of beauty and good taste these gutters show. Less maintenance is required with copper gutters, and you’re less likely to need to replace them. They can add beauty to your home for many years.

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