The Importance of Summer Gutter Maintenance


The sun is shining down rays of heat, the birds are chirping, and perhaps there’s a hum of cicadas in the distance. You know what that means- it’s summertime. Now that mother nature has graced us with a warm reprieve from winter woes and enough rain to last us a long, long time, it’s time to take advantage of the weather and scope out your home maintenance needs.

Summer may not seem like the most obvious season for gutter maintenance, but it’s best to get ahead of your repairs before Fall, the season responsible for most gutter afflictions.

Gutter Systems Protect Your Home

Gutters are your first defense against major home damage to your foundation, lawn, and more. If you leave your gutters unchecked, you could end up damaging your home before it’s too late. Take a look at this checklist, and give Gutters R Us a call if you notice a need for cleaning, fixing, or any other repairs.

Are your gutters clear and clean?

Keeping your gutters free of debris and clean is your first stop on the journey of gutter restoration. If they’re clogged, that means that they won’t effectively drain water away from the home. There can be all sorts of grubby gunk keeping your gutters from functioning properly. If you leave them unchecked for a long period of time, not only does this increase the chance of harm to the home, but mold and mildew can grow. This may lead to it spreading to other areas of the home, too. Prevention is key!

It’s also important to assess if any critters have made your gutters their rental home. If bird nests are unoccupied and old, make sure to remove them before it’s renovated for its next occupancy. For wasps and other insect homes, be sure to get pest control to remedy the situation. (We can help with that, too).

Are Your Gutters Functional?

Next, check to see if your gutter system has any obvious damage. If it is sagging or leaning away from the home, or if there are very rusty areas, that may indicate some replacements are in order.

Summer can be particularly dry, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rain. Take a poncho or umbrella out during your next rainfall and observe the gutter system. Do you notice any obvious leaks? Does the gutter buckle anywhere?

Finally, check the lawn around the perimeter of the home. If you notice patches of missing grass that look eerily similar to the borderline of the home, it may be time to contact a gutter professional.

How’s Your Roof Hanging?

The last step in checking in on your gutters is making sure your roof is in good condition. Your roof and gutters are the perfect pairing in protecting your home from water damage, but if one is in disrepair, the other may struggle to keep up their end of the bargain. Make sure that no shingles are missing, and the rest of them are in place. Missing or loose roofing can lead to puddle problems, and ultimately soak through the roof. If the water can’t even reach the gutter system, what’s the point?

Contact Us Today

If you notice there are any issues during your summer inspection or if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, give Gutters R Us a call. We are happy to further inspect your gutter grievances, and you can trust us to safely and effectively find a solution to your problem. Call us at 269-781-5935, or fill out our contact form here.