Picture this: your home is equipped with freshly installed or cleaned gutters. The sense of pride you feel swells in your chest, and as a homeowner, there’s a sense of relief knowing you won’t have to mess with your gutter system for a while. But then a leaf drifts off of a nearby tree and lands perfectly inside your pristinely prepared gutters. How long until they fill up with leaves and other miscellaneous debris?

If this scenario has played out for you before, it’s time you did some research on how to protect your gutter system. Don’t worry! We’ve got the facts right here. Read on to learn how to choose between gutter covers or gutter screens to safeguard your gutters.

Gutter Covers: What are they?

Gutter covers are attachments that hang over the top of the gutter system in order to keep debris from falling in. Their design still allows water to flow into your gutters, but instead of dripping directly into them, rain glides over the cover following its curvature and eventually landing in the gutter.

Pros of Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are one of the best functioning gutter protection systems. They block almost all falling debris from entering the gutter system. They are also one of the better protection systems to choose, for they allow water to flow into them easily.

Cons of Gutter Covers

The main con of gutter covers is that they could potentially detract from the visual appeal of the home. They do not blend into the roofing and siding as easily as bare gutters would. They are also very difficult to install without expertise, so if you decide on this option, you know who to call.

Gutter Screens: What are they?

Gutter screens are slightly similar to gutter covers, but instead of being constructed of a material akin to roofing or the gutters themselves, they’re made of metallic or mesh-like material. The screens lay securely on top of the gutters completely covering and protecting them by allowing water in through the holes in the screen while keeping gunk out.

Pros of Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are cheaper and relatively easy to install. They also blend in very easily to your gutter system, since their thin structure lies directly on top of the gutter and can only be seen if the top of the gutter is visible. They protect your gutters from larger debris the best, as nothing bigger than the small hole-like openings can get into your gutters.

Cons of Gutter Screens

If the debris is small enough to get through the openings in the screen, then the gutter screen will not be able to protect the gutters. Pine needles, twigs, and some tree seeds can sometimes slip through the screen. Gutter screens also need more upkeep than gutter covers. If a large amount of debris lands on the screen while wet, it can stick and still needs to be cleared.

Are Gutter Screens or Gutter Covers the best choice for your property?

In order to make the right choice, preferences for appearance or functionality should be considered. And if you can’t make up your mind? Give Gutters R Us a call at 269-781-5935, and we’ll help you navigate the decision process.