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Fall Cleanup

Everyday you step outside, there’s a greater and greater chance you’ll hear a satisfying crunch from beneath your shoe. That’s right- fall is almost here! While this cozy and colorful season may have your kids eager to jump into a giant pile of leaves, it puts your gutters at a higher risk for clogging and other malfunctions common this time of year. Keep reading to learn why you should take this chance to prepare your gutters, and the potential dangers if you don’t.

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves

We definitely prefer to say ‘fall’ over ‘autumn’ here at Gutters R Us; can you guess why? In short, it’s because the leaves never stop ‘fall’ing! You’re going to want to continuously check in on your gutters because they’re prone to clogging during this season. When clogged, your gutters will not properly redirect stormwater, and they will leave your home susceptible to water damage in the siding, foundation, lawn, or driveway of your home.

Clean up while the sun’s up

The longer you wait to clean out those gutters, the shorter your days get. We’ve passed the summer solstice which means that each day closer to the winter solstice is a wee bit shorter. Our sun won’t be shining way into 8:00 p.m. anymore, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough time after work or on the weekends to clean. You’ll be more prone to intense glares while on top of the ladder, too, since the sun sets earlier.

Winter is coming 

I know, I know- it’s technically not even fall yet. But, with the wild weather of Michigan, anything can happen. It’s important to take this time to clean your gutters, and keep them that way, or else take the risk of falling snow freezing any debris into your gutter system. If this happens, rain that falls will not be redirected, and when the debris thaws out, your downspout might end up clogging itself even further. Freezing temperatures are already expected within a month, so if your gutters aren’t prepared, you’re in big trouble.

Keep your guard up

If you’ve recently cleaned out your gutters (+5 brownie points for you!) it’s possible you’re already bracing yourself for the inevitability of more leaves in your gutters. Don’t fret! At Gutters R Us, we have plenty of gutter protection solutions that will help keep your gutters looking in tip-top  shape. Our favorite recommendation is outfitting your gutters with gutter guards or gutter screens. These let the water fall in while keeping the gunk out. To learn more about the differences, check out our recent blog! Oh- by the way, when you trust Gutters R Us to clean your gutters or install covers/screens, we also complete routine maintenance like hanger repair, calking corners and edges, and other minor repairs as needed.

If your gutters could benefit from a good cleaning, but you’re dreading busting out the ladder, rely on Gutters R Us to get them back in shape. Cleaning, maintenance, installation and more, give us a call at 269-781-5935 or contact us today to schedule a consultation!