What Are Seamless Gutters?

Are your gutters overflowing, starting to sag or require frequent re-sealing? Chances are you have standard sectional gutters, which means it’s time for a change. Seamless gutters are low maintenance, less prone to leaks & damage, and have a longer life span. Made from a single piece of material, they’re custom-made for your home, which increases curb appeal. They also come in a variety of colors, and even in different materials and shapes. For a long-lasting, low-maintenance option, choose seamless gutters!

We offer Champion Gutter Guards, Made in the U.S.A!

Champion Gutter Guard was designed through a collaboration between engineers and gutter installation experts to be a product that homeowners love and that dealers love to install. Our goal is to bring a gutter protection product to market that above all functions reliably, is simple to install, and a superior value.

The product features a Type 30 surgical grade stainless steel micro mesh from McNichols Company in Washington State with openings measuring .0213”, 590 microns. Competitors often use a finer mesh that is much more likely to require periodic maintenance. The holes are small enough to keep out roof granules, pine needles, and any larger debris from entering the gutters but are large enough to allow pollen and bio-organic material to pass through and flush out the gutter system.

The frame base is comprised of .019” aluminum supplied from Alsco Metals Corporation of Virginia. It is made from the same material and gauge as downspouts and has the same manufacturer’s materials warranty. Approximately 92% is recycled aluminum.

*Highly durable wire gauge, non-corrosive, surgical grade stainless steel micro mesh keeps out all debris. The mesh will never shred or fray when cutting.

*Optimal hole size for guaranteed maximum water consumption at 60 gallons per minute, 150” per hour.

*The stainless steel screen is held in place to the solid aluminum substrate with double crimped Pittsburgh seams. There are no glues, pins or caulkings used in the production.

*Virtually maintenance-free. Accumulation of debris on top of the system is rare. In almost all cases little to no maintenance is required. Depending on conditions, stubborn accumulations of debris may have to occasionally be removed from the top of the product.

*One piece aluminum frame for maximum strength. 46” panel length. Fascia mount dramatically strengthens the entire gutter system.

*Non-intrusive design maintains home appearance. Fascia mount installs without lifting shingles.

*Installs fast and easy with no overlapping of panels required or any additional accessories of any kind, although screws are not supplied.

*Installs on most rain gutter styles including K-style 5” or 6” wide. Custom widths for Industrial 7” or 8” wide and for Half Round are also available.

Average Cost of Seamless Gutters

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